Two Moms Against Common Core

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Please join other parents and teachers in requiring answers to these questions from our state educational leaders:

 • Why was no cost analysis done before Utah adopted Common Core?

 • Why was there never public, teacher or legislative input used to consider CommonCore?

 • Since all the academic elements of the Common Core are in public domain, what is the purpose of Utah remaining tied to the CCI and the SBAC?

 • Documents show discrepancies between what the Federal Department of Education says in public letters and what the Department has bound Utah to, in dense, legally binding contractual agreements and grant applications. These show Utah has lost control of state education to federal control.

 • Why are there two sets of standards, the Utah Common Core and the federal Common Core State Standards? Why do we teach with one and get tested on the other? 

 • Why is there no amendment process to change or disagree with the federal CCSS that Utah contracted to join?

 • Why did Utah join Common Core when evidence shows some aspects of CCI actually lowers educational standards?

 • What did Texas, Virginia, South Carolina and other free-thinking states see in the CCI that caused them to refuse to join?

 • Is there any law states that the Federal Government can withhold educational funding from states if they refuse to adopt Common Core/SBAC? 

• What benefit did Common Core give to Utah that we didn’t already have access to via public domain?

• Why won't Larry Shumway, Judy Park, the USOE legal department, or Arne Duncan answer real questions with real answers instead of unsubstantiated rhetoric?

• Why did PTA accept a 2 million dollar donation that was conditional upon advocating for Common Core?

• Why does the State School Board weed out potential board candidates with the survey question: Are You For Common Core?

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