Two Moms Against Common Core

Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's my stance...

My response to a candidate when asked to speak with someone that would disagree with my stance on Common Core:

I am happy to talk with her but will not have time today.  Should I put you down as in favor or undecided?

I've spoken with many people about this including the Governor in depth.  I recognize there are many people with varying degrees of opinions about the Common Core initiative.  As stated in my previous email if this were simply about raising standards I would be fully in support.  I have been scouring the Dept. of Ed at the state level and national level for information and asking them MANY questions that have gone unanswered.  Through this research I find the attempt to Nationalize Education in America and I am absolutely NOT in support of this movement.  

The fact sheets that are being put out by the USOE are not backed by evidence and they will not produce the evidence needed when asked for it.  When asked by a friend of mine if they had done a legal analysis on the Cooperative Agreement the legal department of the USOE said they didn't believe such a document existed and once they were presented with the document they began stonewalling her.  I listened to the State School Board meeting when they began this subject.  They describe West Ed approaching the states asking them to meet in Chicago to develop these National Standards.  From the beginning they try to claim that this is not Federally led but openly admit that they are national standards.  The Federal Government is smarter than simply coming outright and demanding that we adopt Federal Standards.  They paid other people to do what they are not allowed to do. 

They talk about this all happening at a critical time because of the stimulus bill.  They state that things are moving rapidly because the CCSSO and the NGA were given money to develop these standards.  They state that ACHEIVE, ACT and many others are willing to write these standards for free but ONLY if we sign the MOU by Monday.  (the meeting was held on a Friday)  They laugh about how the Federal government can just give us large amounts of money or they will just print it.  I know that we didn't receive the RTTT for our individual state but the meeting showed a lack of in depth study.  They even admit that this is not a Race to the Top but a Race for the Money.  They say that the requirements for the RTTT are to join a consortium of states for standards and for assessments.

The USOE is telling people that this all happened before the RTTT but it was only one month before the official announcement and in the MOU it gives the Federal government permission to fund the CCSS through means like RTTT.  This is only a sampling of some of the things I've been going through but it paints a clear picture to me the Ed. Department is trying to side-step law to push their agenda.  I realize that there are some that think nationalizing our education would be good for America.  I, however, do not.

Many say that this is all a political move.  I've never taken a stance on anything before and have never been involved in politics in my life.  Something moved inside of me when I first heard about Common Core and once I started in depthly researching I felt a call to action.

Thank you for keeping an open mind and at least looking into research presented on both sides.  They don't mesh and they should.

Alisa Ellis

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